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What is APL Memento?

Memento those are jewelry, imagined and made by myself in my workshop in the Paris region. Jeweler by formation, passionate about history, I vary techniques and inspirations in order to offer you timeless, gender-neutral models, interpreting my vision of remembrance. 

Create a vision, a universe
Aurore P-L Créatrice

I created my craft business in March 2021, and the launch took place on June 21, 2021 (Music Day).

Via Memento, I want to induce a journey around the question of memory and remembrance. In my creations  I breathe a piece of myself, of my story sometimes a little piece  of my soul and I hope that you will hang your own memories on it, the memory  of a moment, an emotion.


History is above all a question of transmission, of memories, and of connection. My goal, through my creations, is to represent, as best as possible, all these aspects with a view to timelessness, resilience and adelphity.

Sharing my jewels with you, in the common wish between my collaborators and myself, is the will to build: build a universe where everyone can (re)find their place, and attach their story to a jewel.

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