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Signet ring in 950 Silver customizable.


You can choose from the options:

-The pattern you want on your signet ring: cThe pattern can be chosen in Silver or Gold.

- The finish: with patina, among the available options; or without patina.


All jewelry is handcrafted.

The carving work of the pieces is done by hand using the lost wax casting wax carving technique and the production is made to order.

Count 2  weeks for manufacturing.


Please note that due to the nature"handmade" of this product, minimal differences are expected between each piece, which makes it unique.


To know yoursfinger sizego around it loosely with a fairly thin string, mark the connection point with a felt-tip pen and put  on your graduated rulers. The sizes are in millimeters (5.8cm=58mm).

Rectangular silver signet ring

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